The Best Hotels in San Vito Lo Capo for a Beach Holiday (2023)

There are many excellent options to stay in San Vito Lo Capo – Best Beach in Sicily. The most popular of them are family-run mini-hotels, guest houses, and apartments, including those presented in this review.

Framed by mountain peaks, one of the best resorts in the Sicily region is compactly located on the shore of a beautiful bay with “Caribbean” views and a wide sandy beach, which is a rarity for a rocky and steep island. The small town can be crossed on foot in 15 minutes and even faster on a bicycle, so it doesn’t matter which part of it you settle in.

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Villa Hibisco

Villa Hibisco is ideally located on the edge of the long beach, which many consider San Vito lo Capo to be the best resort in the region.

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Built according to the canons of Mediterranean architecture, the snow-white two-story villa is surrounded by lush subtropical plants. It harmoniously combines the charm of a rustic style with modern comfort.

On an area of 175 square meters. meters, it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, a seating area, and a dining area. Other facilities include a sun terrace, cozy patio, BBQ, children’s playground, bike rentals, and free private parking.

A beautiful beach with the smallest fragments of shells and red corals has a comfortable gentle entrance and no undewater streams, so it is ideal even for kids.

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From the promenade, you can enjoy stunning views of the natural symbol of the city, the majestic Monte Monaco. I recommend climbing to its peak along the tourist route, which will take about 1-1.5 hours.

Price: 1190 EUR for two people; 1335 EUR for eight people for 5 nights.

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Acqua di Mare B&B

Bed and Breakfast Acqua di Mare B&B mini-hotel is set on two floors of a recently renovated 19th-century building, right next to the town’s beach.

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The hotel is run by a hospitable family and has two modern rooms: a double standard (20 sq. m) and a four-bed deluxe (32 sq. m). Both options have a balcony and everything you need for a comfortable stay. A nutritious Italian breakfast with homemade yogurts, muesli, jams, freshly baked croissants, and delicious coffee is served in the cozy courtyard.

Supermarket, farm market and a variety of cafes, and restaurants are within walking distance. Besides, nearby is a real paradise for the sweet tooth – pasticheria Capriccio, where, along with delicious pastries, I recommend trying the traditional dessert – Sicilian cannoli with ricotta (Cannoli siciliani di ricotta).

A 2-minute walk on Cathedral Square rises the Church of St. Vitus (Santuario Di San Vito), after which the city is named. At the beginning of the 4th century, there was a small stone chapel in its place, around which, over time, a coastal fortress and an authentic village grew up.

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Price: from 110 EUR per night.

Monte Monaco B&B

The new Monte Monaco B&B hotel is located at the foot of Monte Monaco, a short walk from the historic center and San Vito lo Capo beach.

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The hotel offers 4 functional, well-furnished rooms for 2-3 people. The bright interiors are decorated in a contemporary style with nautical design touches. You will have traditional homemade cakes, fresh pastries, fruits, natural juices, and a delicious cappuccino for breakfast.

The panoramic rooftop terrace overlooks the sea and mountains, high-speed WiFi, free private parking, and bicycle rental.

Those wishing to try natural Italian cheeses, meat products, and Sicilian wine at affordable prices, I advise visiting the salumeria and Peraino enoteca. One of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, the picturesque bay of Bue Marino with white pebbles is located 4 km away. Mount Cofano (Monte Cofano) you see in front adds a unique charm to this paradise.

Price: 125 EUR per night.

Piccola Stella

Piccola Stella is a comfortable apartment in the historic center.

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In a modern two-story house, traveling families and companies up to 6 people rent a clean and beautifully decorated apartment of 69 sqm. There are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a patio, and a complete set of household appliances and household utensils necessary for a comfortable stay and recreation.

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Upon check-in, guests will receive a welcome compliment from the hostess in the form of a grocery set of biscuits, water, juice, and local wine. A favorite breakfast place here is a spacious veranda with the scent of coniferous trees and a peaceful view of Mount Monaco. Free Wi-Fi and a parking space are provided. Supermarkets, shops, cafes, and restaurants for every taste are all nearby.

Price: 150 EUR for two people; 200 EUR for six people.

I advise you to visit one of the main attractions of the province of Trapani – the picturesque natural reserve of Zingaro (Riserva naturale orientata dello Zingaro). It is better to plan a whole day for the trip while picking up comfortable shoes for walking in the mountains and the pebbled coast and take a snorkel mask with you.

El Nur Bed & Breakfast

El Nur Bed & Breakfast is located in a quiet area at the entrance to the city, a 10-15 minute walk from the beach.

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Surrounded by a well-kept garden, it is a typical two-story building with 3 spacious double rooms with a balcony. The elegant hotel interiors are decorated with taste and attention to detail. A sweet Italian breakfast buffet includes homemade cakes and fresh fruits. Other amenities include a cozy lounge, a furnished patio, wireless internet, bicycle rental, and free parking. Bowling, tennis, snorkeling, diving, and hiking tours are available on request. A supermarket and several restaurants are nearby.

Delicious ice cream, especially the super popular pistachio ice cream, is prepared in the Belli Freschi gelateria. For a hearty lunch, I recommend the pleasant family restaurant Assoccucc’e Wine Bar Food with a wide selection of seafood and traditional Sicilian dishes.

Price: 90 EUR per night.

La Nicchia Smart

La Nicchia smart is set in a completely renovated old villa in the heart of San Vito lo Capo.

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We offer 2 modern rooms with all amenities: a double standard (18 sq. m.) and a four-bed deluxe (24 sq. m.). In addition to the large courtyard, there is a terrace with a seating and dining area where a delicious breakfast is served in the morning with fresh local products. The hospitable owners of the hotel provide guests with a map of the area and useful tips.

Price: from 160 EUR for two people for three nights.

During the day, one of the centers of attraction is the Litoranea Lungomare promenade. As an alternative to the San Vito beach, especially when the northeast wind is blowing, I recommend the beach in the picturesque bay of Santa Margherita (Baia Santa Margherita) near the village of Castelluzzo. There is a small bar; sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented.

Cocciu d’amuri

The atmospheric guest house Cocciu d’amuri offers comfortable accommodation in the historic center, 300 meters from the beach.

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Modern interiors are characterized by an exciting design with an unusual layout, original lighting, and traditional touches. The housing stock consists of 6 light deluxe suites: from single to quadruple. On the roof is a spacious terrace with a breathtaking view of Monte Monaco. One part is used for sunbathing, while on the other side, breakfast is served. During the midday heat or an evening walk along the promenade, look into the popular Buena Vida Siciliana restaurant, which attracts with reasonable prices and rich Sicilian cuisine, which has absorbed many culinary traditions – Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French.

Price: from 270 EUR for 3 nights.

A few minutes drive away is one of the historical symbols of the area: Tonnara del Secco – an old factory that process freshly caught tuna, whose history dates back to the 4th century BC.

The best hotels in San Vito lo Capo listed in this article are mapped below:

If you need advice on your stay in San Vito lo Capo, I will be glad to reply in the comments.

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